Sensor activated alerts


Add an extra dimension to your 3G Camera and receive alerts of event or intrusions through Bluetooth sensors.

The latest innovation for the professional surveillance marketplace are a range of sensors that, when triggered, link wirelessly to a 3G camera unit programmed to make a live video/audio call to a mobile phone number.

Types of sensors

Standard sensor products currently on offer include a Pressure Mat, a door or window Magnetic/Reed Switch, a PIR movement detector and an alarm pendant.

Each sensor is linked to a Bluetooth Messenger unit to communicate with any 3G camera unit.

Bluetooth Sensors paired with 3G cameras

Bespoke Products

Complete packages for any remote surveillance application are available. This comprises of a sensor wired to patented Bluetooth Messenger, and a 3G Camera unit that is installed in any casing of choice.

3G SIM card from any network

Each camera unit can be used with a 3G SIM card from any network in any country. This will allow live video and audio to be transmitted to any pre programmed mobile phone number.

Remote set up using SMS

Because the camera unit can be set up remotely using SMS commands, once in place, the owner is able to alter the mobile phone numbers that the camera unit will call when activated by the sensor.


In the event of an alarm activation, if the preferred phone is by any chance switched off, engaged or out of range, then the camera unit can be programmed to call second, third and fourth back up phone numbers.
In this case, the camera unit makes a voice call or sends SMS messages to the first, second, third or fourth phone number if the video call fails to be made to each one of them.

Automatic notification

Not only can the camera unit call to the user when an incident triggers the sensor, but also allows users to call in to the camera unit at any time to remotely view audio and video surrounding of the camera unit, or send an SMS to ask the camera unit to send you back high quality still pictures by MMS.



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