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Our vision

To provide people with peace of mind through simple solutions. 

Our mission

To be at the forefront of technology and continue to develop the best quality easy to use wireless surveillance products

Our history

BiBCOM is the Trading name of SeQRcom Ltd, and is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) based in Sheffield is a market leader in the field of 3G surveillance products. We have developed a wide range of products that allow you to receive live sound and video via your mobile phone. To date our market research indicates that there is no other product range of this kind in the market place.  

In 2006 BiBCOM took their products to the Orange World Contest in Florida and were proud to be named as runners up against some 40 other new companies. This gave them worldwide exposure and generated considerable interest. A further range of awards that included the prestigious local Sheffield Business award in innovation led to the successful introduction of the BiBCOM range of products into the business and consumer marketplace.

During 2007, BiBCOM undertook a series of technological developments as a result of in-depth market analysis and today the company continues to grow and develop new products for the surveillance marketplace. A diverse range such as the ‘Guardian Systems’ that allow carers/relatives to watch over the elderly or disabled through a simple phone call, right through to a covert DAB radio that enables you to record live sound and video without detection have proved very popular with our customers.

As BiBCOM 3G Camera systems make their presence known around the world and as 3G technology continues to be rolled out to developing and established nations alike, BiBCOM’s range of international resellers looks set for continued growth.

Our future sees us concentrating on bringing BiBCOM products such as the Falcon range  to both the industrial and covert markets across Asia, EMEA, UK and the US, as we continue to forge new partnerships with global blue chip companies.

We welcome discussion with established companies from around the world who have the sales potential and an understanding of the Surveillance markets. If you are interested in becoming part of our growing network of distributors. Please click here to send an email or call: + 44 (0) 114 36 00 222


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