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basic 3g camera
basic 3g camera in hard case
hidden 3g camera in canvas
hidden 3g camera in clock
hidden 3g camera in air freshener
3g camera in carbon monoxide detector

Basic 3G camera in soft case

Available models: CX100MC / CX200MC / CX300MC

Covertly installable into many devices this is designed to the smallest possible size whilst the 3G camera unit provides a level of remote monitoring functionality never before available.

3G camera for covert surveillance

The 3G cameras is available in different specifications to suit different regions and purposes (refer to the available model numbers above).

  CX100 Series CX200 Series CX300 Series
Region UK, Europe North & South America UK, Europe, North & South America
Video Call ✓ (except USA) ✓ (except USA)
Photo Snap
Recording - -
Wired sensors -
Wireless sensors - -

Click here to download the complete technical specification

How it works:

It’s easy- Just insert any 3G SIM from any 3G network provider, put the battery and it is ready to use. Then you just need to make a video call from your 3G mobile phone into the camera to watch live video and audio from anywhere in the world.

You can also choose from our wide range of wired and wireless snsors which can alert you using video call, SMS or MMS  when triggered.

The camera will continue working for up to 200 hours using a backup battery when disconnected from the mains power.



Internal overt or covert surveillance in Office, Home, Child care, Elderly care, Vehicles, Banks, Shops, Fly tips etc.



  • Anytime dial in for live video stream
  • Remote sensor triggered live video & audio calls
  • Remote high resolution. image capture and transfer
  • Video clip record and transfer *
  • Remote SMS set-up
  • Works on all networks, anywhere in the world**
  • PIN code protected
  • Live record to external DVR / VCR
  • Camera settings report directly to your mobile phone

Pack contents:

  • Camera unit
  • Mains power charger
  • Lithium 1000mA/h backup battery

For more information on this and any other BiBCOM product, please call us on + 44 (0) 114 36 00 222/8
* Video recording function is only available with CX300 series.
** USA and South American networks to be checked prior to order sales@bibcom.co.uk

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