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3G/GSM Video Gateway with any type of Internal/External CCD Inter Changable Camera. (NEW)

Product code: GX402(S)

Perfect solution for Vehicle monitoring, rapid deployment, remote sites, as well as covering all other applications offered by any other 3G camera, either by using a small Pin Hole camera or external CCTV type cameras.

3G/GSM 2-way video communication with GPS

How it works:

This Unique and advanced product offers access to live video/audio via mobile phones or computers, over 3G or even 2G (by automatically reducing the video quality if the network coverage is too weak). Simply insert a SIM card and power up the unit, to operate. Optional integrated GPS module can provide live tracking of the camera on Google map. Modular design on GX series would allow to connect any type of CCD cameras onto it, from PTZ to low lux (true night vision) cameras.

Up to two cameras can be connected to the base GX unit using only one SIM card, to access live video from both cameras simultaneously.

A 4GB SD card memory is supplied with the unit, that would allow the camera to record all the detected events on it. All the recorded events can then be accessed and viewed or downloaded via mobile phone or pc from a remote location by press of a button.

the unit can come with integrated GPS module in it (GX402S) that would allow live track of the unit over Google map or some other well known maps, using PC or Mobile phone.

Further, active movement detection via the camera, can trigger the unit to record the event from few seconds before the movement until few seconds after the movement. This time delay and extend is fully adjustable. The unit can also notify the user by SMS or email at any time in case of any movement detection.

Use of different type of CCD camera makes this unit perfect to suit different application, such as indoor, outdoor or covert applications.

Further relay sensors can be connected to the unit to allow the device to be also activated if any of the sensors are triggered.

This unit works with any 3G or even 2G SIM card over any 3G Network; which makes it perfect for the areas where 3G signal may disappear or weakens during a day. The unit comes with extended 3G & GPS aerials.

All the settings are done over the web by a click of a button.

Further remote control devices can be designed and supplied to control further electronic devices. This has proven to provide the best combination in many different sectors to monitor and control power lines, remote pump houses, wire theft, as well as vehicle monitoring and dis arming, in Europe and Middle East.

Benefits & Features:

  • Access anytime from anywhere:
    Managers, Staffs or clients can simultaneously access live or recorded events at their own convenience, unlike any other 3G cameras that only work one-to-one. There is no need to make a video call to the unit, and live or recorded videos can be accessed over internet.

  • Recorded video events at all time:
    No need for continuous data transfer. The camera can record all the event locally, to be accessed remotely at any time via mobile phone or PC over the internet.

  • Enhance your Company profile
    It also provides a unique selling point to companies providing this hi-tech and convenient service to their customers to check and test the unit on their own time.

  • Convenient rapid deployment
    Setting up the camera unit could not be simpler. For short period usage, the supplied Li Ion battery can be used to power up the unit, while the camera unit can also be connected to the mains power for permanent operation.

  • Portable
    The camera unit can come in any type of external format, to be mounted to scaffolding, walls or any other suitable sturdy location.

  • Alerts upon activation:
    The unit can also be linked to any external wired relay sensor, to notify the user by email or SMS in case of activation, or even if any movement is detected by the camera itself.

Pack Contents and Options: 

  • GX402(S) unit with 3G Aerial and GPS Aerial (if GPS is selected)
  • a PIN hole true Night Vision camera as standard, but can be replaced or upgraded with any other type of Internal or External CCD cameras, in dome or traditional style.
  • One off 10Ah x 12V DC Li Ion battery for upto a day operation on request, up-gradable to 24Ah Li Po battery, or even 50+Ah Gel Acid battery on request.
  • Mains power supply and 12V battery charger (if battery supplied)
  • One off 4GB SD memory card (can be replaced with upto 64GB SD card on request)
  • Solar panel and regulators on request
  • unlimited PC/Mobile Phone Access Software application.

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