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BiBCOM attends UK MOD Research exhibition, 2009

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

BiBCOM visited Defence Research 2009

BiBCOM attends defence Research 2009 at Birmingham

BiBCOM visited the MOD Defence Research 2009 exhibition at the Birmingham ICC, to evaluate the currently available products for defence and security purposes, as well as meeting with possible partners, QinetiQ and The MoD.

An impressive presentation of current UAV and UGV technologies, as well as the current high resolution visualisation devices impressed Easa Taheri, Managing Director of BiBCOM (SeQRcom Ltd). BiBCOM were also able to introduce its unique products in its advanced format to a few interested companies such as: QinetiQ, BAE Systems and Drallim.

Richard Shore the sales and marketing manager of Covert products said: "There are clearly areas within the defence sectors that can benefit from BiBCOM's unique transmission of live data such as, video, audio and others, using the available wireless networks worlwide".

The exhibition clearly demonstrated how BiBCOM's unique products can benefit the security aspect of the armed forces, while there are many other areas that BiBCOM can develop its product to suit into some specific needs of the armed forces.



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