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BiBCOM Signs Deal with StarNav, Subsidiary of Chinese Electronics Giant Jiuzhou Group

Friday, 31 July 2009

BiBCOM signs deal with Chinese electronics company StarNav

BiBCOM signs deal with Chinese electronics company StarNav, sub-division of Jiuzhou Group

BiBCOM is pleased to announce a new partnership with StarNav, the sub-division of Chinese electronics giant, Jiuzhou Group.

From 7th to 14th July 2009, Easa Taheri, Managing Director and Yang Luo from BiBCOM along with Steve Knowles, an independent financial consultant acting on behalf of BiBCOM, visited StarNav in Chongqing, China.

StarNav is one of four research centres belonging to the Jiuzhou Group. It specialises in Satellite Navigation and wireless remote control over GPRS networks. With the recent launch of the 3G network in China, they are in a very strong position to be able to take BiBCOM 3G technology into the Chinese market.

BiBCOM signs deal with Chinese electronics company StarNav

BiBCOM Managing Director Easa Taheri meets Li Ping Du, Vice President of Jiuzhou

Dr. Longmei Li, The Vice President of StarNav, told BiBCOM, “StarNav is part of our parent state owned company, Jiuzhou Group. We are the 35th, largest electronics manufacturer in China, and are also very proactive in many other non-electronics projects”. The Jiuzhou Group has some 14,000 employees, with a turnover of 8 billion RMB (£800 million), and a growth plan of 10 billion RMB (£1 billion) in 2010, and 100 billion RMB (£10 billion) in 2020.

BiBCOM and StarNav have now signed a mutual agreement for a working model beneficial to both companies. This working model will see BiBCOM licensing their software and Intellectual Property rights to StarNav. This means that all current BiBCOM software applications for the camera units and mobile handsets, as well as the high-level codes for the Bluetooth Modules to communicate with the camera units, are now exclusively licensed to StarNav for the Peoples Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, and compatible for the Chinese market and their 3G networks.

BiBCOM signs deal with Chinese electronics company StarNav

BiBCOM meets Zhong Sun, General Manager and Vice President of Jiuzhou

BiBCOM will also provide training to StarNav engineers in order to be able to use their resources and facilities to manufacture the camera units.

Easa Taheri, Managing Director of BiBCOM said, “The simplicity of our products made a huge impression during our meetings with members of StarNav. It is due to BiBCOM’s modular design concept and our unique way of producing the cameras, that we can enable StarNav to manufacture and introduce a full range of 3G products swiftly into the Chinese market.”

A big plus for BiBCOM is that this partnership also allows BiBCOM to use the production back up of Jiuzhou as an Original Equipment Manufacturer to help meet BiBCOM’s high demand for products in other countries.

One highlight for BiBCOM was a visit they made to Jiuzhou Group’s headquarters in Mianyang. During the visit StarNav demonstrated BiBCOM’s products to Mr Li Ping Du, Vice Chairman and Mr Zhong Sun, the Vice Chairman and General Manager of Jiuzhou Group, who were both very impressed by the products and functionalities. They also expressed their full support and confidence for a successful partnership between StarNav and BiBCOM.



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