Taxi Monitoring Solution

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Looking to keep an eye on the driver or concerned about passenger safety & security? This solution looks forward to provide you visual monitoring solution for your vehicle. 

How it works:

The unit has 2 camera modules:

  • Infrared Camera Module with Continuous loop recording.
  • 3G Camera module, to which you can dial-in for a live video, request for a real time Snapshot or recording.
  • The camera unit can also be provided with wired sensors such as a push button. When the sensor is activated, the camera can send you a video, sms or mms alert

1. Normal Scenario- Monitoring center checks

The flexibility of this system allows the monitoring center to check inside the taxis at any point of time with/ without the knowledge of the driver- Figure below.

The checking can be done by Requesting a snapshot or video clip from the camera which would Respond back via MMS or EMAIL. They can also make a live video call to the camera and monitor the vehicle.

Taxi Solution

2.Emergency Scenario- When a panic button is pressed

Along with the previously mentioned  “anytime monitoring capability”, this system is also designed to cater  emergency scenarios. With its onboard continuous recording which captures all the events inside the taxi for legal evidence, the system  is also equipped with a panic button that when pressed, an instant notification (SMS/Video Clip/Picture/ 2 way live video call) is sent to the monitoring station – Figure below.

Taxi Solution

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This simple but effective device could change the way you or your loved ones live. Contact us on to find out more.



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