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The applications for 3G Surveillance are growing all the time, whether you want to keep an eye on your loved ones, home, office, remote premises, or any prized possessions - BiBCOM 3G Surveillance Systems have the solution you require.

The needs of one person differs from another, so at BiBCOM we believe that solutions should be tailor made for each scenario. With our 3G camera technology paired with sensors we aim to provide customised solutions to satisfy your specific surveillance need.

BiBCOM has provided its services to solve different problems in the quickest time and in a most cost effective method.

Some of the applications are as follows:

  • Monitoring a remote site in Australia, to protect Oil tank supply to water pumps in the desert, using 3G cameras and sensors.

A system was designed in 3 days, and products were shipped in two weeks, which helped the customer to save $10k of lost every week.

  • Monitoring a remote site in UK, to protect Oil tanks from being tampered with:

The system was sent to the customer within 3 days, and saved £1000s per day.

  • Bait-Cars for police force:

a unique solution to provide 3G cameras and sensors to work with the tracking devices and recording facilities installed within the vehicle to allow the police personnel to monitor un-lawful activities within the stolen car at any time.

  • And many more...

Please contact us with your specific requirements, and our experienced team of engineers and sales reps will help you to find a right solution and devices for your problem.

We can also offer our consultancy services to design and develop bespoke solutions for whatever you need, for any type of remote monitoring applications.



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