Charles Weir - Chief Platform Security Officer Consultant

  • One of the pioneers of the Mobile Software Industry.
  • Public Speaker in many conferences and seminars, and well respected in Mobile World.
  • As the lead Architect on the Ericsson R380, helped define the Smartphone as we know it today.
  • Worked for many years as Software Architect consultants for well-known Banks, Pharmaceuticals & telecoms.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Penrillian.
  • Some of his well known delivered projects are:
    • Palringo’s Smartphone Messaging.
    • Vodafone’s ‘Mobile Connect’ PC Dongle & MiFi Products.
    • T-Mobile’s Phone Navigation App
    • Everything Everywhere, Android Mobile Money App.
    • Romex’s Phone-based vehicle tracking.
    • Stagecoach’s e-ticketing App.
  • Key strength: ability to understand and negotiate the gap between visionary targets and practical deliverables.
  • Particularly good at contributing to and enabling high-performing software development teams on a minimal participation basis.
  • Currently as a researcher in Lancaster University, addressing the problem of helping software developers to deliver a secure software.
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