Easa Taheri - Managing Director & Founder

Easa started this new business in August 2017, based on his son’s request (Ethan) during a sporting training session, to develop a system that would help Ethan to improve his skills rapidly by hearing to the coaches verbal instructions, without any embarrassment, as well as reducing the coaching’s stress level!

Easa has been a professional  Tae-Kwon-Do coach for many years, a well as a champion in many competitions, from regional clubs to University Students, Military and National level.

He also studied in University for Mechanical Engineering Degree with BSc and MSc (first class) with award winning projects, then pursued for his PhD in Sheffield University on Image Recognition and Artificial Intelligence.

During all his studying years, Easa continued his martial arts training as well as coaching activities, achieving to have the largest Tae-Kwon-Do club in the city (with over 250 trainees). 

  • Over 30 years of training Tae-Kwon-Do at a high level winning many national competitions.
  • Over  20 years of coaching in high level, creating a new club, achieving the largest number of Tae-Kwon-Do trainees in the club within 3 years.
  • National Champion, National Student champion & Trained in the national camp for international competitions.
  •  High level footballer, played in many local competitions, as well as invitation (during his fit years in Tae-Kwon-Do) to play vs Manchester United’s Youth Team, that included Sir Alex Ferguson himself, Wes Brown and many other young players of theirs in 1997.
  • Also competent in Basketball, Tennis, Skiing, Swimming, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Golf and Chess.
  • Worked as research assistant on some industrial projects from Mechanical Designs, to Artificial Intelligence & and Image Processing within Sheffield University. 
  • Worked for AESSEAL Plc for over 7 years as a Mechanical DESIGN Engineer as well as IT Programmer and system developer. Filed around 10 patents, which one was resulted on developing a revolutionary system that was named after himself (i.e. EASASEAL).
  • He also developed the first Gas Seal for the company and was involved to develop and deliver the first Bellows seal for the company. He  developed the first Live on-line Drawing Generator system for the company, using Coldfusion, SQL and Java.
  • As a CEO consultant of a new business for Reliability Engineering Industries in India, he helped to grow the business from 5 people to 185 within 11 months.
  • Developed and delivered many innovative and award winning Live Remote Monitoring systems & solutions for different industries, from Oil & Gas sector, Environment Agency, Road & Traffics in the UK, as well as Power Line monitoring system in the deserts within the Kingdom of Oman.
  • Winning Sheffield Business Award for the most innovative business in 2006, and many other business success awards.
  • Appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den program (2009, Series 7, Episode 5) for inventing the first 3G Camera system that was used for Assisted Care Living and elderly care.