Russ Barber - Director of Coaching - COSSS (Swimming)

“World-class results start with world class technique, world class attitude and a world class work ethic.” This is central to Russ Barber’s coaching ethos and beliefs.

Russ started coaching in 1990 at City of Hull Swimming Club and was instrumental in bringing the clubs together in the city to form Kingston upon Hull Swimming Club in 1996. He became Age Group Coach at City of Leeds SC in 1997 and then Head Coach at City of Sheffield Swim Squad in 2001. Helped create City of Sheffield Swim Squad Ltd in 2013 and is now Director of Coaching there.

He’s coached over 100 national medalists, 33 Great Britain internationals, 4 Olympians and 1 Paralympic medalist. He’s also coached on over 30 Great Britain teams including at he Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio, World and European Championships as well as the Commonwealth Games. It’s fair to say, Russ knows a thing or two about swimming and is committed to helping every swimmer reach their optimum potential.  He is now the acting chairman of BSCA (British Swimming Coaching Association).

Russ believes: “Because we all sacrifice so much for this sport, I believe whatever we do, should be done at 100% with no compromise, and that we should strive to do a better job than the best are doing.”

…And his favorite quote, kind of sums it all up:-  “It’s the magic of risking everything, for the dream that nobody sees…but you!”

Russ was introduced to BiBCOM’s newly developed Coaching System in May 2019, and upon understanding the technology, he said:“Wow… only the Audio part would have a massive impact in the swimming world, but, this system offers much more….!”

Russ is BiBCOM’s strategic partner for not only the use of the system within COSSS’s coaching & training activities, but also the introduction of the system into other swimming clubs in the UK and worldwide.

ABOUT COSSS (City Of Sheffield Swim Squad)

COSSS is South Yorkshire’s premier competitive swimming club and train at the prestigious Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, which accommodates both 25m and 50m training facilities.

Within COSSS’s squads there are International swimmers, National Age/Youth winners and finalists, and compete at County, District and National levels, including various open meets through-out the year. COSSS is a British Swimming select club and are regularly ranked in the top 10 clubs in Great Britain.  COSSS’s aim is to place swimmers on the podium at all domestic and International level meets.

There are many high level national & international champions in the squad. COSSS achieved the best Team performance at the beginning of 2019, and the squad is currently training for the national championship.

 The COSSS coaching team is renowned in the world of competitive swimming for its successful coaching strategies and champions that it produces consistently year after year.

Visit COSSS for more information.

Jan 2019 - Award Table-1
COSSS (Co Sheffield) team achieved first place in the National Clubs Competition in January 2019

SwimMark is Swim England's club development model, enabling clubs to help swimmers, coaches and administrators achieve their full potential. It is centered around the needs of the swimmer, and strives to provide them with the best possible training environment. It is regarded as the backbone of the Swim England's development program. The SwimMark scheme also provides a “kite marking” process for swimming clubs to be graded by. When awarded, it shows that absolute best practice in swimming provision is being used.

Dan Cocking (Age Group Coach, COSSS) – Russ Barber (Director of Coaching - COSSS) – Easa Taheri (BiBCOM)
Trial Team-1
Mike Taylor (Performance Coach, COSSS) - Rueben (Junior Elite group Swimmer and jonior national Champion, COSSS) - Josh Surgeoner (Video Analyst, COSSS / SHU)